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Spot A.
Perfect spot for early morning shots and indeed through to about 15.30 ish when the sun is heading West. See photo OO-JAH

Spot B. and Spot C.

Good for the last couple of hours of the day, from about 16.00 ish until it is too dark.
See photo D-AICA

Spot D.
Excellent spot for most of the day, which ever way they land and take off. Purpose built mound that looks over the fence.
See photo EC-LLX
See photo 'Spot D'

Spot E
Excellent spot when they are landing on 26 from the East.
No photo, sorry.

All spots are easy to find, and whilst this is not the busiest of airports, if the weather is in your favour, you can get some very good shots.

Recommended Restaurant.
If you have a hire car, it would be criminal not to try the excellent Restaurant, 'La Tasquita del Puerto' on the harbour-side in Los Abrigos. They have the most fantastic food. Fish cooked fresh and to order. A small family restaurant with a very friendly atmosphere.
Phone number is 922 17 03 06.
See photo.
See map, Spot A.

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Tenerife South 17-02-12